dinsdag 18 september 2012


And finally I'm drawing again for Illustration Friday!

The first drawing is for the theme "Teacher". 
I depicted a situation during  Dolphin Therapy, 
using watercolor pencils and a wet brush. 

This one is for the theme "Burst", made with watercolor paint:

And I really really love this!

Drawing little things that I find when walking my dog...
It's only that I have to search for nice things that fit together,  otherwise I wouldn't stop!

This drawing I made with my Caran d'ache watercolor pencils:

And this one with my new Derwent coloursoft pencils:

My sweet dog...

Another nature page...

This one is not as nice as the earlier ones, I think, but those ones have to be there too, isn't it?
So the cookie was meant to be a mushroom, ahum...And the snail was rather cooperative, but the ant...!

Just copying...

I thought it's nice to just copy things, good for practicing and less straining than drawing by heart. 
So..I took my key ring duck and pushed it in different positions. Fun!

What else? Let's draw the tiny clothes of my "Tutti" doll (a child from the makers of "Barbie")...
They're about 40 years old!