dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

IF: "atmosphere"

This is wat I imagined when I thought about a particular method - named "The Pearls and the Swines" - to handle the personal "handicaps" (the "swines") that constantly pop up and restrict you in your daily life. The essence of the method is to move your attention to your qualities (the "pearls"), instead of focussing constantly at your problems and trying to fight them.

This idea, that wanted to be drawn very much, fitted perfectly in the IF theme "atmosphere", I thought. So...

" They stood there motionless, even quietly, you could think
(if you didn't look too well).
But the atmosphere was tense and you could feel they made something very clear:

" Yes, you found your pearls, but you can't have them.
Unless you defeat us"."

What to do with those insistent swines, then: ignore them?
Maybe to be continued...

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